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  • DOL Releases Additional Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    By: Elizabeth Bolduc, Esq.
    On Thursday, The Department of Labor (DOL) released additional guidance on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), including “Field Assistance Bulletin No.

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  • Ohio Stay at Home Order

    Last Updated: 3.27.2020 @3:25 pm

    Q: Is there an Exception for Home-Based Businesses and People Working from Home?
    Q: What are Essential Businesses?A: The Director of the Ohio Department of Health issued an order on March 22, 2020 requiring all Ohio businesses and operations except essential businesses and operations cease all activities within Ohio.

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  • Bugbee & Conkle is Open and Working Remotely

    Bugbee & Conkle is open normal business hours 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Call us on our regular business line, 419-244-6788, email us, or reach out on one of our social media pages. We are working remotely, attending hearings via telephone conferences, and working tirelessly to stay updated on all federal, state, and local coronavirus updates for employers. We hope you and your loved ones are all safe. We will get through this together.

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  • Ohio Industrial Commission Telephone Hearings Begin- Here’s What We Learned

    First, see our brief video on the procedure. This procedure worked well for us.

    The Industrial Commission also reported overall success but provided some more specific instructions.

    Please submit a Hearing Contact Document to each individual claim with the number you would like the hearing officer to call to conduct the hearing. (covered in our brief video)

    Do not create one document for multiple claim files.

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  • Coronavirus Employer Webinar Series by Bugbee & Conkle

    Part 1, Telephone Hearings at the Industrial Commission

    Part 2, How Courts are Dealing With COVID-19

    Part 3, Ohio Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19

    Part 4, Keeping the Workplace Safe

    Part 5, Legislative Update

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  • DOL Releases Additional Guidance on Families First Coronavirus Response ActRead more


  • Coronavirus Employer Webinar Series by Bugbee & ConkleRead more

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