The Employer

  • The Employer, Vol. 9 No. 6

    Bugbee & Conkle’s The Employer, December Edition

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    BUGBEE & CONKLE  |  v9  |  DECEMBER 2016

    EEOC Issues ADA Informal Guidance to Employees for Mental Health Conditions

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  • We Will Miss You Lennie!

    Since 2000, Lennie Geiger has been a loyal and dedicated member of the Bugbee & Conkle family.  As the firm’s bookkeeper, Lennie has had the important task of handling our finances.  We are saddened, yet proud, to announce Lennie’s retirement, which is effective in January, 2017.
    Although we will miss Lennie here at Bugbee & Conkle, we are certain Lennie will continue to impact others with goodhearted work throughout her retirement.

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  • Expanded Concealed Carry Laws Impact Employers

    On December 19th Governor Kasich signed into law Senate Bill 199, which limits employers’, among others, ability to ban entirely from their premises properly licensed conceal carry weapons.

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  • EEOC Issues ADA Informal Guidance to Employees for Mental Health Conditions

    This month the EEOC published new informal guidelines for employees with mental health conditions, advising them of their rights to a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

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  • The Employer Vol. 9 No. 5

     BUGBEE & CONKLE  | v9 |  OCTOBER 2016

    Groups Seek to Stop Expansion of Overtime Rules

    As previously reported here, the Department of Labor’s expansion of overtime rules for employees earning a salary of less than $913 per week is set to take effect on December 1, 2016.  Click here to read more about the lawsuits filed seeking to delay or prevent the rules from becoming effective.

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