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  • Commission Lacks Continuing Jurisdiction to Review Hearing Officer’s Order on Fraud Case

    In State ex rel Henegar v. Trinity Home Builders, Inc., et al., 10th Dist. No. 12AP-947,2013-Ohio-3339, 2013 WL 3963470, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation moved the Industrial Commission to find a claimant fraudulently received temporary total compensation.  A staff hearing officer (“SHO”) denied the Bureau’s motion; however, the full Commission reconsidered the order, finding the SHO made a clear mistake of law.

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  • Facebook Photos Used In Workers’ Compensation Fraud Conviction

    An Ohio man pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud after Facebook photos revealed he was working construction in Arizona while receiving compensation.  Social media continues to be an effective tool in workers’ compensation fraud investigations.  Read more about this and other fraud convictions here.

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  • Mark Barnes Plays in the Flower Hospital Golf Outing to Benefit the Hickman Cancer Center

    Mark Barnes participated in the Flower Hospital Golf Outing  August 16, 2013.  Proceeds from the outing benefit the Hickman Cancer Center.

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  • Twelfth District Court Of Appeals Reaffirms A Claimant Cannot Pursue An Occupational Disease Claim On An Aggravation Theory

    In McRoberts v. General Electric, 12th Dist. No. CA2012–10–216, 2013–Ohio–3083, a claimant moved to amend his allowed workers’ compensation claim to include left carpal tunnel syndrome, among other conditions.  The evidence before the court showed the claimant’s carpal tunnel syndrome was diagnosed and treated nearly 18 years before the inception of his claim.

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  • OSHA Announces Outreach Campaign to Protect Healthcare Workers

    On July 16, 2013, OSHA announced a campaign to raise awareness about hazards likely to cause musculoskeletal disorders among healthcare workers responsible for patient care. These disorders include sprains, strains, soft tissue and back injuries. OSHA’s campaign will provide information to employers about hazard control methods such as a “zero-lift program” to minimize direct patient care lifting activities. Learn more about the campaign here in the press release.

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  • COVID-19 Bill Introduced To Create Cause Of Action For Injuries Caused By Mandatory VaccinesRead more


  • Bugbee & Conkle Proudly Welcomes The 2021 Solheim Cup to ToledoRead more

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