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  • Ohio Improves National Ranking for Workers’ Compensation Rates

    According to a study conducted by The Oregon Premium Rate Ranking Study, Ohio’s workers’ compensation rates are the 33rd lowest among 50 states.  According to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, premium collections are down $409 million over the last four years.  Click here for more information.

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  • Ebola In The Workplace

    Employers with workers who may be exposed to the Ebola virus should develop a comprehensive worker protection program. Although OSHA has not provided final guidelines for the Ebola virus, employers need to likely comply with various existing standards. OSHA’s Blood Borne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) covers exposure to the Ebola virus.

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  • Group Rating Settlement Deadline

    In the September, 2014 Comp Connection we reported the deadline for filing a claim under the class action settlement in San Allen, Inc. v. Buehrer, Administrator, Bur. Of Work. Comp.  As a reminder, the settlement applies to state fund employers only.  If your company was a non-group rated state fund employer in one or more of the policy years from 2001-2008, it is considered an eligible “Class Member.

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  • The Employer, Vol. 7 No. 5

    The Employer Volume 7, No. 5.pdf
    NLRB’s Internal Conflict on Social Media 
    As we have previously reported, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is increasingly inserting itself into the relationship between employers and employees, regardless of whether a union is present on site.  One of the areas where this intrusion is the most obvious, and yet most difficult to understand, is in the area of employer policies regulating employee use of various forms of social media.

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  • Hearing Officer Manual Revised

    The Industrial Commission recently revised some of its memos in the Hearing Officer Manual.  Memo R7 expanded the rule on audiovisual evidence now requiring parties to include a date and time stamp on the recording.  Memo O3 allows e-signatures on settlement documents, but prohibits parties from waiving the 30 day cooling off period.  According to Memo O1 when a claimant dies during the 30 day cooling off period, death alone is not good cause to void the settlement.

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  • The Supreme Court of the United States Blocks OSHA’S ETS Regarding Vaccines but Enforces CMS MandateRead more


  • Bugbee & Conkle Proudly Welcomes The 2021 Solheim Cup to ToledoRead more

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