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  • U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Same Sex Marriage Cases

    On Friday, January 16, 2015, the United States Supreme Court decided to hear appeals from decisions in six cases from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, which decisions found a state has the right to refuse to recognize same sex marriages from other states.  The decisions from the 6th Circuit are in conflict with other federal courts of appeals, and consequently, the Supreme Court’s acceptance of the appeals comes as no real surprise.

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  • Supreme Court Finds Loss of Use of a Finger Requires Medical Opinion on Impairment or Extent of Loss

    In Varney v. Indus. Comm., 2014-Ohio-5510, the Supreme Court addressed the standard for determining loss of use of a finger under R.C. 4123.57.  Below, the court of appeals found the Commission abused its discretion in denying the claimant a loss of use award because there was evidence the claimant lost the use of two-thirds of his finger.

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  • Dissecting An Early Morning Collision

    This March, We Are Going To Dissect The Legal Issues Which Arise From The Following Fact Pattern

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  • Mark Barnes, Janelle Matuszak, and Dana Quick to Speak at Employer’s Association Boot Camp

    On January 28, 2015, Mark Barnes, Janelle Matuszak, and Dana Quick will present a variety of workers’ compensation topics at the Employers’ Association, located at 1787 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, Ohio.  The topics include the hearing process, accident investigation, drugs & alcohol, settlements, voluntary abandonment, permanent total disability compensation and unusual claims.  The seminar begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 noon.  Click here to register for the seminar.

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  • Court of Appeals Finds Discharge Due to Positive Drug Test May Not Terminate TTD Compensation

    In State ex rel. Cordell v. Pallet Co., Inc., 2014-Ohio-5561, the 10th District Court of Appeals addressed whether a discharge resulting from a post-injury drug test disqualified a claimant from temporary total disability (TTD) compensation.  In this case, the claimant tested positive for marijuana and morphine following a tow motor accident on a loading dock.  The positive drug test constituted a violation of the employer’s drug free work policy.

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  • Ohio Workers’ Compensation Trials Likely to Resume in 2021Read more


  • The Path Forward: Legal & Safety Considerations to Prepare Your Workplace for Return Amid the COVID-19 PandemicRead more

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