Monthly Archives: June 2017
  • DOL Withdraws Information Guidance

    Earlier this month, the Department of Labor, under its new Secretary, Alexander Acosta, officially withdrew Obama-era guidance letters related to FLSA claims and joint employer liability for same.  The letters, issued in 2015 and 2016, provided guidance on classification of employees as independent contractors, and when joint employers may be liable for misclassification.

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  • Sixth Circuit expands reach of EEOC investigation

    In a recent opinion, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals gave a greenlight to the EEOC’s own long-held beliefs about the breadth of its subpoena powers.  In EEOC v. UPS, 6th Cir. No. 16-2132, ____ F.3d ____, 2010 WL 2486017 (June 9, 2017), the EEOC was investigating the charge of a single individual on an allegation of ADA discrimination.

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  • Sandpiper Cruise Photo Gallery

    Check out the photo gallery from our Sandpiper Cruise down the Maumee River~

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  • Workplace Violence, Harassment and Retaliation from an OSHA Perspective

    In this 4 Hour seminar, safety professionals Carl Habekost, Esq., COSS, COSM and  Richard L Barcum, CIH, CSP will discuss workplace violence, harassment, and retaliation from both an employment law and OSHA perspective.

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  • The Supreme Court of the United States Blocks OSHA’S ETS Regarding Vaccines but Enforces CMS MandateRead more


  • Bugbee & Conkle Proudly Welcomes The 2021 Solheim Cup to ToledoRead more

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