Monthly Archives: December 2017
  • Bugbee in the Community: Mark Barnes Top Fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run

    Ten years after being honored by the Arthritis Foundation for his longstanding fundraising efforts, Mark Barnes has reclaimed his title as Top Fundraiser this past weekend at the Jingle Bell Run, after a 1 year hiatus from the annual event. Mark earned every one of the $1,155 he raised when running on a snowy Saturday morning, considering that the cold Ohio winter weather did not spare the Jingle Bell runners.

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  • Ohio House Approves Bill Preventing Undocumented Workers From Filing For Workers’ Comp Claims

    House Republicans approved House Bill 380 on Tuesday, which would block injured undocumented immigrants from filing workers’-compensation claims in Ohio. The proposal was hotly debated before passing 62-30 and will now be reviewed by the Senate, who removed similar language from the state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation budget earlier this year.

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