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  • Bugbee & Conkle Celebrates Rocket Week

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  • Supreme Court Holds Mandamus is Appropriate When Commission’s Continuing Jurisdiction is Challenged

    When the Commission issues a decision on the allowance of a claim or an additional condition, such a decision is appealable to a common pleas court under R.C. 4123.512.

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  • Court of Appeals Finds A Logger is an Independent Contractor

    Independent Contractor status always depends on the facts of the case.  The important question for the Commission or a court is whether the worker has control over the means and manner of the work.
    In Green v. Bur. Of Work. Comp., 2018-Ohio-2618, the 4th District Court of Appeals examined whether there was sufficient evidence to find that a logger was an independent contractor, as opposed to an employee under the workers’ compensation law.

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  • Industrial Commission Updates Adjudications Before the Industrial Commission

    The Industrial Commission updated Policy Memos D8 and S11, effective July 30, 2018.
    Memo D8 pertains to acceptable certification for temporary total disability compensation.  As a general rule, compensation must be certified by doctors, chiropractors, and psychologists.  However, during the first 6 weeks after an injury, a certified nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or physician assistant may provide certification of disability.

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  • Last Chance to Register for Our Free Cost-Effective Management of Workers’ Compensation Claims Webinar

    Experienced Ohio workers’ compensation defense attorney Rob King wants employers to know there are ways to effectively manage these costs. This free 1-hour webinar will reveal cost-saving measures for state fund and self-insured employers alike including, BWC and alternative rating programs, handicap reimbursements, aggressive claims management, proper use of nurse case managers, private investigators, IMEs and more. This webinar offers 1 SHRM PDC.

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  • The Supreme Court of the United States Blocks OSHA’S ETS Regarding Vaccines but Enforces CMS MandateRead more


  • Bugbee & Conkle Proudly Welcomes The 2021 Solheim Cup to ToledoRead more

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