Monthly Archives: October 2020
  • Update on OSHA COVID-19 Citations

    By: Carl Habekost, Esq.
    On October 23, 2020, OSHA announced that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic it has cited 112 employers for violations relating to COVID-19 resulting in proposed penalties of $1,603,544.

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  • Deer Season and Driving Safety

    By: Carl Habekost, Esq.
    You know what time of the year it is? No, not Halloween! It is deer season! The 2019 statistics from the Ohio State Highway Patrol reveal over 19,000 motor vehicle accidents related to deer on the roads. Of those, there were 4 fatalities and nearly 1,000 serious injuries as a result of the crashes.

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  • OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Rules

    By: Carl Habekost, Esq.
    The states of Virginia and Michigan have recently enacted emergency rules designed to protect workers from risks associated with COVID-19.  Both Virginia and Michigan operate state-approved OSHA programs.

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  • When a Workers’ Compensation Claim Morphs into ADA and FMLA HANDOUTS

    WC Morphs handouts<<<<<DOWNLOAD HERE

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  • The Supreme Court of the United States Blocks OSHA’S ETS Regarding Vaccines but Enforces CMS MandateRead more


  • Bugbee & Conkle Proudly Welcomes The 2021 Solheim Cup to ToledoRead more

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