Common Issues Faced By Employers at the Holidays: The Full Webinar

Hosting a holiday party or a company picnic? Wondering what employers can do when they suspect an employee is abusing FMLA? How do you count FMLA leave during the holidays? Do you have to pay an Employee on FMLA holiday pay? Attorneys Robert Solt and Elizabeth Bolduc discuss common issues faced by employers around the holidays and during special events, such as the Race for the Cure, company picnics, and more. This 30-minute webinar (originally broadcast on May 16, 2018) also covers the following: compensable injuries under the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, liabilities, and preventive measures at company sponsored events; recreational waivers; common employer questions regarding the FMLA; management of employees who abuse sick leave; and more.


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  • Mark Barnes Top Jingle Bell Run Fundraiser AgainRead more

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