Expanded Concealed Carry Laws Impact Employers

On December 19th Governor Kasich signed into law Senate Bill 199, which limits employers’, among others, ability to ban entirely from their premises properly licensed conceal carry weapons.  Under the new law, which will take effect 90 days after it was signed by the Governor, employees who have a properly licensed conceal carry permit may keep their firearm and ammunition in their personal vehicle, so long as: the employee is physically in their car, or if they are out of the car, the firearm and all ammunition is in a locked container or compartment within the car; and the car is in a location it is otherwise authorized to be.   The new law also limits liability to employers and businesses for damages or injuries that occur because of a firearm stored in the manner allowed, or stolen from the premises.

In addition, the new law eliminates conceal carry license requirements for active duty service members who have completed sufficient firearm training.  The new law also repeals Ohio’s current ban on carrying concealed weapons in day care centers, airport terminals, school safety zones, and certain government buildings.

The full text of the new law can be read here:


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