Ohio Employer Health Care Coverage

Last Updated: 3.27.2020 @ 11:55 am

On March 20, 2020, the Superintendent of Insurance issued an order that orders and directs insurers to permit employers to continue covering employees under group policies even if the employee would otherwise become ineligible due to a decrease in hours worked per week.

  • Insurers are required to permit employers to continue providing coverage to employees under group policies, regardless of any activity at work or similar eligibility requirement in the policy.
  • They are also prohibited from increasing premium rates based on a group’s decreased enrollment or participation due to COVID-19.
  • The order is in place until the expiration of the state of emergency declared by Governor Dewine on March 9, 2020. A link to the full order is below.


DISCLAIMER: This is a guide, not legal advice. Every situation is different and people should contact us with specific questions.


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