Ohio House Passes House Bill 80

On June 5, 2019, the Ohio House passed a workers’ compensation budget bill which included a requirement that claimants reveal their citizenship status on the claim application.  Providing false information in response to this question would result in an ineligibility to participate in the fund and possibly criminal prosecution for fraud.  If passed, the Bill will also allow police, firefighters, and emergency medical workers to be eligible for a claim for post-traumatic stress disorder without a physical injury.  R.C. 4123.01(C)(1) defines a workplace injury and provides psychological conditions are not compensable except when the conditions have arisen from an injury or occupational disease sustained by the claimant.  In 2006, the code was amended to allow psychological conditions which have arisen from sexual conduct in which the claimant was forced by threat of physical harm to engage or participate.  House Bill 80, if it becomes law, will allow for another exception to the rule against psychological claims but it would only apply to police, firefighters and emergency medical workers, and only to post-traumatic stress disorder claims.  The bill will now be considered by the Senate.


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