Ohio Industrial Commission Telephone Hearings Begin- Here’s What We Learned

First, see our brief video on the procedure. This procedure worked well for us.

The Industrial Commission also reported overall success but provided some more specific instructions.

  • Please submit a Hearing Contact Document to each individual claim with the number you would like the hearing officer to call to conduct the hearing. (covered in our brief video)
    • Do not create one document for multiple claim files. If a document is filed in one claim that contains the injured worker’s name and claim number for another claim, that may constitute Confidential Personal Information (CPI), which should not be filed in any other claim than for the specific injured worker mentioned.
  • It is important to provide the direct number, if at all possible, in the contact information. If there is no choice then to go through the receptionist at a firm or business, we will do so. However, we have found that hearings go much smoother if we are able to contact the representative directly with the first call.
  • Court reporters can participate in telephonic hearings and should attend the hearing with the attorney who requested the presence of a court reporter. We have verified with numerous court reporting services that this type of situation is not an unusual one.
  • Interpreters: Interpreting services remain available, but will only be telephonic. Interpreters will not be appearing in person.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our workers’ compensation attorneys.


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