Statute of Limitations Tolled for Civil, Criminal, and Administrative Matters

Amended Substitute House Bill Number 197 (Am. HB 197) was enacted on March 27, 2020. The amendment included emergency legislation to address legal dilemmas arising in the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Tolling provisions in Section 22 tolls all statute of limitation deadlines for civil and criminal cases where the deadlines would have occurred between March 9 (the declaration of the state of emergency) and the end of the emergency, or July 30 (the current outside limit, per the legislation), whichever comes first. The section also applies to administrative matters.

The Supreme Court of Ohio also issued an order addressing rule-based deadlines that are not controlled by statute. The order follows the same timelines as the Act.

Employers should endeavor to use e-filing and meet pre-existing deadlines, if possible. However, additional time is provided within the aforementioned time limited if needed, according to this legislation and Ohio Supreme Court. Find additional court information related to covid-19 here.


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