Substantial Aggravation Case Appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court

In the January, 2014 issue of the Comp Connection, we reported on Harrison v. Panera, 2013-Ohio-5338, a case in which the 2nd District Court of Appeals upheld a bench trial order granting a claimant the right to participate in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation law for a substantial aggravation claim.  Harrison is the tenth court of appeals case addressing substantial aggravation under the 2006 amendments to R.C. 4123.01.  On January 21, 2014, Panera appealed the court of appeals’ decision to the Ohio Supreme Court.  If the Supreme Court elects to hear the appeal, the Court could provide critical guidance for the adjudication of substantial aggravation claims.  At our March 6, 2014 Workers’ Compensation Seminar, we will present an in-depth look at “substantial aggravation” since its adoption into the workers’ compensation law.  If you have not registered for the seminar, you may do so by clicking here or by calling Shannon Abbey at 419-244-6788.


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