The Employer Vol. 9 No. 5


 BUGBEE & CONKLE  | v9 |  OCTOBER 2016

Groups Seek to Stop Expansion of Overtime Rules


As previously reported here, the Department of Labor’s expansion of overtime rules for employees earning a salary of less than $913 per week is set to take effect on December 1, 2016.  Click here to read more about the lawsuits filed seeking to delay or prevent the rules from becoming effective.

OSHA’s Injury Tracking and Anti-Retaliation Rule

OSHA modified its injury recording rule to require the direct electronic reporting by employers of injury and illness data to OSHA.  Read more about OSHA’s new rules here, or watch our free 30 minute OSHA Electronic Recording Rules webinar below:




EEO-1 Form Changes 

On September 28, 2016, the EEOC announced it will begin collecting summary pay data from employers with 100 or more employees for reporting year 2017. Read more about the EEOC form changes here.



Jackie Gallagher

Bugbee & Conkle proudly welcomes Jackie Gallagher to our labor & employment law team. Read more about our newest labor & employment law team member here.


November 3

Toledo Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Seminar
Carl Habekost, Esq. discusses common issues between OSHA and Workers’ Compensation at the Toledo Bar Assoc.

November 9

Safety Leadership in the 21st Century Workshop
Join safety experts Carl Habekost, Esq. & Donald Elswick, along with Dr. Donato Borrillo for a unique workshop on safety, legal, and medical issues.

November 17

NWOSIA Annual Medical/Legal Seminar
Greg Denny, Esq. and Mark Barnes, Esq. discuss workers’ compensation issues beyond the Industrial Commission at the NWOSIA Annual Medical/Legal Seminar.

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