Tripping and Falling Over Untied Shoelaces

In a decision issued on June 19, 2015, in Lafon v. Iron Tiger Logistics, the Second Appellate District Court addressed the critical element of compensability concerning causal relationship to employment.  Lafon worked as a “yard man” at Iron Tiger Logistics where new trucks are transported to various locations nationwide.  He was responsible for moving trucks to their ready position and then moving finished products to their assigned places in the yard.  While climbing into a company shuttle bus, he tripped on his untied shoelaces, fell forward, and injured his right shoulder.  The court granted the motion for summary judgment in favor of the employer finding that Lafon’s injury did not “arise out of employment”.  The court noted that the employer did not have control over Lafon’s shoelaces being untied.  The untied shoelaces was not a condition of his employment nor a result of the work environment.  Therefore, the court found an insufficient causal connection between Lafon’s injury and his employment to conclude that the injury “arose out of employment”.  If you have questions or desire further information in workers’ compensation matters, please contact a member of our workers’ compensation law department.


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