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Bugbee & Conkle Goes Red For Women

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Firm News

For years, many considered Cardiovascular Disease to be an older man’s disease, when in fact, heart disease & stroke are the number one killer of women. To help dispel the myths and raise awareness, our office participates in the annual #GoRedForWomen campaign led by the American Heart Association.


  • Since the launch of this campaign, there has been a nearly 90% increase in awareness among women recognizing heart disease is their leading cause of death
  • 95% of #GoRed supporters reported making at least one healthy lifestyle change in the last year
  • After the first 10 years of #WearRedDay, the campaign saw 34% fewer women dying from heart disease
  • For Lennie, who started this tradition in our office

For more information on Heart Disease in women, visit here.