Contractor Killed By Forklift at Honda R&D Center in Union County, Ohio

On January 4, 2016, a contractor working at the Honda R&D Center in Raymond, Ohio was killed just 5 minutes into his shift in a forklift accident. As reported to the Columbus Dispatch by the company and investigators, Mr. Ghouse Gulam was walking outside in a causeway between two buildings when he was fatally struck by a forklift driven by another contract worker. According to an investigator, the causeway did not have surveillance cameras, and the forklift was carrying a trash bucket on the forks that may have impeded visibility.

Tragic workplace accidents such as this one are exactly the type of incidents which would trigger an OSHA rapid response investigation. When responding to an OSHA rapid response investigation, there is a protocol for conducting a root cause analysis. A root cause analysis of this specific incident may include accident recreation to try to determine exactly what happened since there were no surveillance cameras present, among other measures. Since the new inspection and enforcement changes are significant, now is the time to figure out exactly how to approach and plan for this type of inspection.

To learn the rest of the protocol on how to conduct a root cause analysis without raising red flags, register for our January 21, 2016 webinar, Preparing for OSHA’s Rapid Response Investigation: Conducting a Root Cause Analysis without Raising Red Flags. The webinar will be presented by Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Carl Habekost from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.



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